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Holiday Awareness Tip 2

Posted on October 25, 2014 at 3:36 PM
Hello Everyone,
   This week we will talk about the advantages of parking your vehicle in a public place. first of all the question. Which is better to park close to the door or just park where you can find a spot? This is the question we ask ourselves during the busy holiday rush. Are you the type of person that drives around to find the right parking spot or shop so early you are there when the doors open. I personally never let that worry ever bother me. I shop when I need and park wherever I can. Why is that. I keep awareness of my surroundings all the time. I also do everything to not look like a victim. Being in Law Enforcement since 1984 I have learned that most criminals look for the weakest victim to make it the easiest on themselves.  If you look vigilant and like you are ware and prepared these predators will move on to the next person. So the answer is don't get bothered about something that should be a happy occasion. Shopping for our loved ones should be a happy time. Don't sweat something like parking and don't worry about getting the closest spot to the door. Take your time and enjoy your experience. We will cover on the next tip how to be aware and prepared. let us know what you think.

Categories: Family Protection